Building God: Our Collective Journey to Singularity with Dr. Ben Goertzel

We travel to Hong Kong to meet with one of the leading Artificial General Intelligence architects, Dr. Ben Goertzel, to discuss the ebbs and flows of the creation of AGI.

Dr. Goertzel is a visionary who has held the vision of AGI becoming a part of our everyday life since the 80s. He is the chief scientist at Hanson Robotics and the creator of the famous Sophia The Robot, the first AI humanoid robot to receive a citizenship. Among being Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society, he is the Vice chairman of the futurist nonprofit Humanity + which advocates the ethical use of tech to expand human capacities.

In this episode, Ben and I discuss the upbringing of AI, pros and cons of using AI for consumer purposes, the current applications of this technology, and how we can go above and beyond its profit-driven purposes to reap the true capacity of AGI.


In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why stagnation in innovation exists in important industries such as agriculture, and how democratizing AI code can create innovation booms where we need them most. 

  • Who actually owns Superintelligence and why governmental and private ownership can be major contributors to innovation stagnation. 

  • Whether the current applications of this miracle technology are actually being used to benefit mankind and how the direction we drive it towards will change the decades to come. 

To learn all of the above (and so much more) from the man who actually coined the term AGI, tune into episode #3.

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Zlata S Sushchik
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