The Dawn of Singularity: Myths, Truth, and Facts About the Uncontrollable, Irreversible and Unfathomable Impact of Technology

We are taking major strides toward reaching the Superintelligence.

While a big question is when, it is unclear whether we are prepared to deal with the existential questions that it will bring, especially what it will mean to be human.

In this episode, host Zlata S Sushchik dives deep into the topic of Artificial General Intelligence to understand the when, what, and who behind humanity’s most impressive creation.


In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The easy, digestible explanation of AI’s origins and its current applications, so we can stop looking at this technology as a magic Pandora’s box and start reaping its benefits.

  • How AI’s applications in academia and consumerism have created a constant tug of war on profit versus innovation, and how the eventual victor will set the stage for the future of humanity. 

  • Whether the doomsday predictors are wrong or right, and what we can do to ensure AI is a friend and not a foe.

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Zlata S Sushchik
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