Ushering Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies with Nick Bostrom


We are taking major strides toward reaching the superintelligence. 

While a big question is when, it is unclear whether we are prepared to deal with the existential questions that it will bring, especially what it will mean to be human. 

For now, we have more questions than answers, and in this episode, we will attempt to find those answers with the help of Oxford University Professor, Dr. Nick Bostrom. 

Dr. Bostrom leads the Future of Humanity Institute and has been published over 200 times, including his New York Time’s Best Seller Superintelligence: Path, Dangers, and Strategies. 

In this episode, you’ll learn the answers to some of the most pressing questions concerning the future of humanity and superintelligence: 

  • What are the next steps to regulating what machines can and can’t do, for healthy level of protection, safety, and opportunity? Can they even be regulated?

  • As we enter the era of superintelligence, will we struggle to align new AI systems with human ethics and values? 

  • What happens when we no longer have the societal divide of intelligence? 

To me, living without these answers is very unsettling, and living with the mentality of “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” is not something I am willing to do. If you aren’t willing to wait either,  tune into episode #5. 

Love & Light, 

Zlata S Sushchik

Adriana Guzman