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Demonstrating future one vision at a time

The Visionary Gateway 

Date:June 19-20th
Location: NYC, NY


Most founders have a visionary idea that can change the trajectory of the future.

Yet, most never bring their visionary idea to life.

Regardless of how intelligent, skillful, financially wealthy or hardworking they are (or whether they have had a successful career or exit already or not)

Being a visionary isn’t just about being able to solve problems, make strategic plans, mitigate risks or have enough money. Those are the skills that are prerequisites but are not the 'it' factor.

Being a visionary is solving big problems with innovative solutions. It’s about predicting, building and actively shaping the future while taking radical responsibility for its impact.

Here is what founders tell me that stands between them and the execution of the next big vision:

  • Not making space or taking time between projects to breath and get a birds-eye perspective so they get busy with same-ol’ thing they have always done

  • Advising, co-founding, co-creating, investing in projects just to be filling their schedule but not fueling the soul

  • Being involved with “interesting projects” that have nothing to do with their purpose, passion or fulfillment and never taking the time to map their big vision into a roadmap.

  • Founder anxiety and burnout that leads to wanting to run away to Montana/Tibet/Timbuktu after they are done, only to come back to start the next company they want to escape from.

  • Get stuck in groupthink and listening to “naysayers” versus actually executing and implementing on what they see is the future.

I’ve lived every single one of those experiences too.

Because now I know that those experiences are … optional.

Regardless of the success, every founder needs to execute on his/her audacious vision which is his/her version of the future (and it can be the best thing you have ever done for the future).


Here is what every founder needs to play a significant role in shaping the future:







A man without a vision is leading a blind life.

There is a huge difference between having a vision and having a plan.

Most founders jump into building, coding, raising money, hiring teams, building websites otherwise into planning and execution before having a laser focus on the what, the why and the vision of the impact they want to create and the future they desire to build.

Which leads to them spending their time mitigating risks, solving problems, or worse doing things that do not move them closer to their vision/purpose/mission.

They put the daily do, and the plan ahead of the vision and lose sight of the vision (if they had one) in the process.

What I am about to say is not sexy, but what you need is FOCUS - a Visionary Eagle Eye.

Note on focus.

Here is what I know about the founders I get to create with, we never just want to work on one thing. It's against human nature to desire a linear complete focus on one project. If this is how we worked rivers would only flow on one path over centuries. But it’s not.

When you have a Visionary Eagle Eye, your 100% focus is on YOUR vision which becomes YOUR mission and YOUR focus and YOUR eco system.

Visionary Eagle Eye doesn’t mean completely abandoning all your investments and projects, it means focusing your energy to streamline all of those projects into one VISION and a coherent, comprehensive, self-regenerative ecosystem.

One project < One eco-system

Think of this in terms of Amazon and creation of AWS in the process. One vision, multiple projects to execute it. (Successful once too I should add).

When you have a Visionary Eagle Eye you have 100% focus on the vision and everything that you go flows into an ecosystem to support that vision.








Worlds most intelligent founders are stuck in an energetic black hole.

By the nature of being intelligent, skillful and open-minded founders get busy dedicating the energy to projects, people and ideas that lands them in an energetic black hole.

It looks something like this:

  • Taking on projects that are not contributing to the vision/mission/ purpose.

  • Those projects end up sucking time, energy and money (endless CC’s on emails to prove it).

  • Inbox and schedule fills up with projects you never cared about, so attention, time start to resemble a dark hole of energy. The big vision ends up more and more on the back burner because there is no time, no passion, no energy to execute it.

  • Not long until burn out, resentment and unfulfilling projects make up the entire inbox, schedule, and life.

Rinse and repeat.

Sound familiar?

What is the antidote?

Knowing your Visionary Founder Archetype and how to develop each in equal balance to maximize your founders' focus and energy so you can escape the energetic black hole.

Now - let’s compare that with a founder who knows their founder archetype and maximizes it for full potential.

  • Lead from energetic overflow vs energetic overhead that dark hole creates which leads to more fulfillment, more meaning and more impact.

  • 100% undivided attention in investing in your vision and what is your purpose with what you are creating, your legacy, your light.

  • 10x results on your overall purpose and vision for every project that you choose to invest your time, money and energy into.

    These are the kind of results, that create potent ripples of impact - more then you could ever create all by yourself by continuing to be in an energetic black hole.




Most of the founders I know who want to play big, create exponential impact and shape the future already to go masterminds, events, conferences, and likely lead the shift in their community in some way … which is awesome.

I love events, attend or speak at them frequently.

However - the highest level of transformation of your vision most often requires an intensive, extended container to get out of the mind quicksand, group think and recycling the same ideas.

Recycling is for cans. Not for visionaries.

Have you ever had anyone say, “I had a eureka moment right in the middle of this conference?”

No? Anyone? Didn't think so.

In the famous words of a brilliant scientist Albert Einstein, we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.

Executing on visionary ideas works the same.

The container for the creation requires getting out of the day to day and out of the busy of the mind, reaching flow states, asking radically different questions which lead to personal breakthroughs. That's where the ACTUAL visionary ideas come from.

Better yet, a guided experience because it gives you SPACE and OPPORTUNITY to be with yourself, your idea and your brilliant mind MINUS the laptop, computer, team, obligations, and Twitter.

These are the same containers that lead to the destruction of patterns of fear of rejections, procrastination, and lack of follow up which hold back almost every founder I know.

It also gives you an opportunity to OPEN your mind to open up the quantum field of different kind of possibilities, breakthroughs, and new chapters.

When founders tell me they don’t take the time and the space to iterate themselves, I point to the fact that the responsibility for your impact starts with YOU.

You not creating space to get clarity on your vision is robbing potential users from an opportunity to experience the future as you create it for them.




NECK 360




Sometimes I look at founders and I wonder if their necks hurt.

I have attended or lead so many creative and strategy meetings where the primary question or conversation is “Who ELSE is doing this?” which really means “How can we copy them?”.

When founders pay more attention to what other people are doing, comb though competitor websites, copy code, etc, innovation is impossible because you are always a step behind and you are completely uninformed about competitive forces that are making that product successful.

All because these beliefs:

  • we need that to understand what’s out there

  • we need market research to validate the “idea”

  • we need to see what the other guy is doing to make it better.

None of these have to be true.

We all know how that worked out for Blockbuster vs Netflix.

The idea of copying someone else’s idea is ridiculous if you want to be a visionary - and its probably what has kept you from impacting the future.

This mindset is a ceiling on innovation.

It shuts down the opportunity for new ideas.

It keeps you optimizing for mediocrity when you really should be optimizing for innovation and creation - the two things that visionary founder truly needs.

Focus on vision, possibilities and innovative solutions.

The entire industry that you are creating now likely does not exist UNTIL YOU BUILD IT.


Being a visionary is a choice.

A choice you can make today

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I've helped millions of people bring their vision to life and bring the next iteration of the future into reality — through my first company in wellness that generated multiple 7 figures in three years in the industry that didn’t even exist (which I started with $200 in my pocket... if you don't count the 30,000 debt from my fancy MBA ), through my consulting firm that helped retail businesses build-in service and retail hybrid models to double revenue, optimize and innovate service based provider offerings to generate 6 figures/ month revenue in industry that was up and coming, raise money for starts ups that were EARLY to market and more

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating and executing on a vision.

It’s almost psychic.

When someone tells me about their start-up or business idea is I can instantly tell them:

  • The what and the why of the innovation they are building and how to build the best execution roadmap for implementation and adoption.

  • Who would be the best use case and how to create the right partnerships (however big or small) to strategically integrate the cutting edge idea with the existing market.

  • Which part of the business or technology to innovate and where to leave good enough alone to produce 10x the team productivity and increase profit.

  • How to easily (tech people you need this) communicate their vision to the right allies, prospects, customers, investors, and partners.

  • What are the necessary steps to bridge research and existing technology with the consumer market and the necessary distribution channels.

  • Why their current product isn’t resonating their potential customers — even if they have incredible technology that does really cool shit.

  • What roadblocks and icebergs are standing in the way of adoption and how to create a strategic future plan to overcome them.

Call it a magical superpower, call it a gift.

It’s something I’ve dialed in helping founders make hundreds of decisions over time to bring their vision to life.

Take Tiffany for example, when we started working together she was a dental hygienist she had the vision of innovating the interior design industry. She now has a roadmap for product market fit, use cases, and necessary technology assets to support the growth of the business and has generated over six figures in revenue while in beta.


Project X for example, a company with a vision to create an industry of personal robotics, attracted a dream co-founder (with 20 years of experience who has built a 100m business before), created use case, product market fit and is in a prototype phase.


Another client who got clarity on her vision and chose to invest her time, money and teams resources into a radically different idea of her innovative technology and saved herself hundreds of thousands of dollars she would have spent in the build out that "logically" made sense because everyone else was doing it. They are gearing up for a beta launch


A financial service provider who doubled their revenue going against the grain and existing structures of the highly regulated industry; the result of our work together the team grew 25% and founder creates over 100k a month personal revenue.

I've seen so many founders shift the way they do business intro skyrocketing their success by helping them tap into their vision and giving them the space to execute that vision with purpose, passion, fulfillment, and impact.

I now decided to share the magic with more founders to bring more visionary ideas to life because the world needs you now more than ever.


Introducing The Visionary Gateway

June 19-20, 2019
New York, NY

Inside this two - day intensive, I’m going to help 20 visionary founders get clarity on their vision and a roadmap to build it and gain 100% clarity for first steps to execute it.

  • When you choose to attend, you make a choice for a totally transformative trajectory of your future AND make a way bigger impact than anything you are doing right now.

  • Together we will remove any mindset roadblocks and remove the black hole energetic overhead commitments that are standing between you and your future vision, which means more space, more time, more resources and more energy to execute… because it’s not startups that fail, it’s the founders who fail to execute.

  • All eyes are on you. While most other conferences and events focus on getting speakers to share their brilliant ideas with you, I focus on YOU sharing your brilliant idea so I can help you build it.

  • Finally, the most important step, you will leave with a visionary roadmap (completely unique for your vision), and complete clarity on the next step. I’m giving you all the tools you need to get clarity, communicate the vision and share the vision with others.

And more:

  • I will show you how to reach out-of-the-box thinking flow states to gain new ideas and a new perspective on the future vision.

  • I can show you how to focus your attention, maximize your attention potential to produce 10x the results in half the time.

  • I will show you how to not only gain complete clarity for your vision but how to clearly communicate it to others so they spread your vision and mission for you (think Tesla strategy).

I do this in my private strategy days consistently and consistently bring ideas into action that impact millions and maximizes profit.

I've done this work one-on-one with countless clients and I am excited to do this in an event format for the first time.

It's you, me, a group of insanely smart people, tuning into your next iteration of self to impact the trajectory of the future.

I am SO excited, honored and humbled to do this work with you.

It truly lights me up.

Because it means a handful of you get to experience this with me and at the lowest investment ever with other world's most brilliant minds.

There is no speaker line up, no ra-ra -ra dancing, no stages, no microphones. No hype.

There is no scarcity bs, no sales calls, no marketing funnels, and digital bonus gifts.

I am committed to the highest integrity space for the visionary founders who want to share the future.

This is for you if:

  • You already have had a successful career, have had a successful exit and you know what it takes to build a successful business

  • You have a vision and you are committed to executing that vision regardless of all the other shit you have going on

  • You are committed to building a sustainable, abundant future that considers all stakeholders and impacts humanity for the better

  • You are willing to create space and completely unplug on June 19-20 to the spend time with me and invest $3,000 today.

If you are wondering if there is a payment plan - yes.

The only question remains, are you ready to make a choice to be a visionary today?



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